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Walking / Jogging


This is possible via the mapped out walking route of Vitrac (7.7 km.),

or you can of course freely walking or jogging in the beautiful nature

that the Dordogne offers.

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Kayak on the river


Cano sailing on the Dordorge.

View the beautiful landscape

from a different perspective.

This is already possible at 2 km

from our B&B.

In Vitrac Port, across  the river, 

at: Canoes Loisirs

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You can bicycle over the 34 km beautiful bike trail of Vitrac.

But you can also simply take a trip

to the many nice villages

that are within cycling distance.

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Helicopter flight


Departure from Domme airport.

The helicopters are suitable for

3 passengers.

There are 3 possible circuits:

    1° Circuit :  12min. Valley of the castles

    2° Circuit: 20min.  Medieval flight

    3° Circuit: 30min. Flight Périgord Noir

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Boat trip in one "gabare"


45-minute boat trip with explanation of the region in a "gabare".

(this is a traditional flat-bottomed boat that was intended for the transport of goods on the Dordogne.)

                          Departure and arrival

La Roque-Gageac. 

If you do not understand the French language, the audio set

offers a translation.

Périgord balloon flight


Montgolfiere du Perigord is a

3-hour adventure.

 A breathtaking experience.

Also leave in

La Roque-Galec. 

The place for taking off is

determined by the wind.

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Every Wednesday & Saturday there is a market in the center of Sarlat.
On Wednesday is a smaller market with mainly regional products.
But this Saturday it is an attraction on itself. The market starts at 8.30 am.
Thousands of people stroll through the Rue de la République (long shopping street)
and through the nice little streets of the historic medieval center, even the old church of Sainte-Marie serves as a market portal.
The market lasts until 6 pm. (but you can only buy local products until 1 p.m.)
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Every Sunday the famous Sunday market takes place in Saint-Cyprien.

The short half-hour drive is certainly worth the effort.

This market is advertised as the nicest market in the region.

Tip: Best to leave early to find a place for the car.

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During the months of July & August you can visit the small village of Bouzic every Tuesday evening (from 6:30 pm) for the largest gastronomic market in the Dordogne.
Between 800 and 1.200 people come together to dine together.
The village is 17 km from our B&B.

At the evening market, only food from the region is offered:

Foie gras, meat, vegetables, "Domme" wine, bread, fries and ice cream.

The last market of the season in August ends with a beautiful firework display.
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                               Vin de Domme
                               20 km


Here were botled the "Vin de Domme".

You will receive a passionate explanation during the tour about the processing process,

as well as a tasting. (completely free)

Next to the domain there is a watchtower that offers a nice view of the "vignobles"

(vineyards) and the region.

From Monday till Friday:

 from 10 am to 12 pm 

and from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

weekends and public holidays: 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

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 Maison Lou Cocal

4,6 km 


Visit to a: traditional biscuit company. Here you can see during a tour

how the delicious biscuits are made.

Reservation in advance.

From Monday to Saturday:

from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm

and from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.



Nice beaches:
Plage du pont de Vitrac
See photo (beach at the back of the photo)
La plage de Caudon 
Enjoy the nice sandy beach along

the banks of the Dordorgne river,

with the beautiful cliffs van Caudon

as an idyllic backdrop.

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Source Wikimedia

author photoChensiyuan  25/06/2016       [CC BY-SA 4.0 (] 

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The old historic medieval town center of Sarlat is car-free.  This gives tourists the opportunity to optimally enjoy their day in Sarlat.   

Especially the summer months the terraces have olmost none empty places, if you know that Sarlat still attracts thousands of tourists a day. The street artists provide a pleasant atmosphere. The area around Place du Peyrou with its beautiful St.Sacerdos Cathedral and the Présidal palace is the most beautiful and oldest part of the city. Many houses date from between the 14th and 18th centuries. The most happening is at Place de la Liberté. The Theater Festival is also held here in the summer.



Domme (Bastide)

Domme is about 6 km from our B&B "Perles de Monfort".

 It is a bastide built on a rock. (about 250 meters above sea level). It has a beautiful view over the Dordorgne valley.

It is also sometimes referred to as the "Acropolis of Périgord".

Domme is a very pleasant city with the character of the region.

  The small natural stone houses and the narrow streets give Domme an atmosphere where time seems to stand still. 

In addition to the nice shops, it also has a nice large square and a very beautiful cliff with a magnificent view.

The city also has a beautiful cave. (See column: 1001 castles and caves)

Een bezoek aan het stadje mag zeker niet ontbreken bij uw bezoek aan de streek.

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La Roque Gageac 

Fairy-tale village with narrow alleys located along the river bank next to it a giant cliff that makes the cap so unique.

There is also a carved fortress in those rocks. On the way to the fort you come across

an idyllic little church from which you

have a beautiful view over the river.


A little bit higher is a tropical garden,

thanks to the microclimate, yet unique for this environment.

Very nice boat trips leave also from here.

 (See column: Active & Adventurous)


A visit to Beynac-et-Cazenac

should certainly not be missing on

your "To do" list during your stay

in Perles de Montfort.

High above the town, the imposing castle curves, with its panoramic view of the Dordogne valley,

 (See column: 1001 castles and caves)

During the summer period there are also guided tours to the different neighborhoods, such as e.g.

"Barri de la Cafourque", "Barri del Soucy" ,

to discover around the castle.

From the narrow streets you can make nice pictures of the setting sun at dusk.


Picturesque village, located in the shade

of the most famous castle of the region.

(See column: 1001 castles and caves)

Located at a height in between

the 51 and the 283 m.

More than 200.000 visitors pass through

the narrow street every year

towards the castle.

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Rocamadour (Roc-Amadour) is a village in the Lot department.

It is 45 km from Perles de Montfort, but it is an hour's drive ...

The village is built on a rock. The pilgrimage site is located above the village, famous for its shrines and its "Black Madonna".

In 1166 the intact preserved body of Saint Amadour was found here. It is the most visited pilgrimage site in France after Lourdes is the second most visited site in France.

We visited it on November 11, the last day of the tourist season.

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Monpazier (Bastide)

The Bastide Monpazier is a 50-minute drive from Perles de Montfort.

It also belongs to "One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France".

The history of Monpazier goes back to the thirteenth century.

The village was not built by the French but by the English king Edward I.

In the middle of the square there is a wooden market hall.

Near the square is the church that was built in the thirteenth century,

but has been rebuilt several times afterwards.

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Les Eyzies-de-Tayac

World capital of prehistory. The number of qualitative remains from this period around Les Eyzies are unique in Western Europe.

This is also where the National Prehistory Museum is located.

Les Eyzies.jpg


The castle of Montfort







The castle is a 5 minute walk from our B&B. The castle itself cannot be visited,

but is situated in a unique hamlet.

It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Adjacent to the castle is the

"Roche Percée".

Castelnaud castle

The castle of Castelnaud rises high above

the Dordogne river and

offers a beautiful panorama of the valley.

It overlooks Beynac Castle on the other

side of the river.

The castle was built in the 12th century. During the hundred-year war it was in the hands of the English.

kasteel van castelnaud.jpg
Beynac castle

The castle from the 12th century is

one of the best preserved and most authentic in the region and offers

a breathtaking view of the valley.

In the Middle Ages this castle played

a significant role in the region.

It was conquered by the English Richard the Lionheart in the twelfth century

and soon recaptured by the French.

They had the castle then demolished.

But soon a new castle arose,

which became important in the Franco-English war.

The opposite Castelnaud came into the hands of the English and so the Dordogne River formed the border between the two kingdoms in this area.

Kasteel van Beynac.jpg
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Les jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac


The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac. This beautiful 22-hectare garden with its 15.000 boxwood plants is a 15-minute drive (11 km) from B&B Perles de Montfort.

From the "chateau" you can see the castles of Castelnaud and Beynac.

You take a nice walk on the cliffs along the Dordogne river to the "belvédère",

from where you have a magnificent view of La Roque Gageac.

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Lascaux II 

This prehistoric cave is located in the Vézère valley.

The distance from our B&B to it is 37 km.

The cave (discovered in 1940 by 4 teenagers) is unique because of its beautiful large number of wall paintings. The "Lascaux" site was opened to the public in 1948,

but closed again in 1963.

In 1983, Lascaux II was opened to the public.

(This is an imitation of the real cave.)

Domme Cave

The most striking is the cave that is literally located below the village.

The cave itself is worth it, not big but beautiful with many stalagmites and stalactites.



Foie Gras                                           Truffle                                                           Walnuts


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